About Your Hosts

Angie and Trang spent a week long travelling together in Italy. Angie flew in from Turkey and Trang from Australia. It was a week of adventure, good food, inspiring conversations, transformative reflections and a collection of beautiful memories and photos. They started the trip as mere acquaintances and went back to their respective homes as like-minded friends, supporters of each other’s goals and ventures. They started the trip with sharing their dreams and returned making their dreams a reality.

This is what Angie and Trang want to offer other women – a chance for time out, indulging in delicious food that’s actually good for your body, surrounded by inspiring landscapes, in the company of like minded women. We want you to return home refreshed, fire lit and enhanced with practical knowledge and skills to create the life of your dreams.


Angie Johnson

I’m from the United States but based all around the world. I am a practicing wellness coach, yoga instructor and art therapist – living in the moment and connecting with as many people as I can along the way.

Prior to setting up AJ Life, I was working in Manhattan (complete with healthcare plan and view of the Empire State Building) but felt something wasn’t right. Immersing myself in my yoga practice and side-hustle as an art therapist, I hoped I would settle into a life that everyone around me thought was perfect. (Spoiler alert. I didn’t.)

I unexpectedly found myself in Turkey – totally outside of my comfort zone but immersed in a very unique energy. I was overwhelmed with a need to change things up. As I tried to settle back in to NYC life – it just felt like it was not enough. So I moved to the Med. 

I started to envision my dream passion project: online wellness coaching and unique, experiential sessions in an “out of your comfort zone” setting. Out of a desire to live MY WAY – without rules and by engaging all the senses – I left the big apple for the mediterranean and AJ Life was born.

Hindsight Retreats is so in line with my vision to travel and still do what I love. My 1:1 Yoga session are more than just body movement. I connect with my clients to learn about disabling habits that might be holding them back from really finding balance both in their body and mind. 

I create workshops that are born out of being curious about the world and our place in it. Over the years I’ve gone back to my psychology education roots to deep dive into clearing traumas and historical contexts in order to move into a space for growth and perspective shifts. I use A LOT of creativity in discovering how to tap into the subconscious. Through art and coaching exercises, conversations are opened up in a new realm. This is what I love about retreats – the unknown and the discoveries that inevitably surprise all of us. 

I couldn’t be more proud to host in the majestic natural surroundings of Queenstown. New Zealand has an energy that pulls you in immediately. I can’t wait to keep coming back for these retreats and to help you discover how wonderful and life-enriching this experience is. 





Trang Tran

I’m a Brisbane (Australia) based Dietitian & Nutritionist having worked in the field of health for over 15 years. I believe deeply that what we eat not only affects our physical health, our gut health but also our mental health. I am so passionate in empowering people with skills in creating healthy, delicious meals. My love for food, real whole foods is contagious and I can’t wait to infect you with the nutritious eating bug!

Embracing my creative side, my love for travel, adventure and of course people, I have also made a career as a professional photographer  Still Wild Love Photography. I photograph weddings, families and travellers – people who love having their photos taken in nature!

And being the true “multi-passionate entrepreneur”, I am also the founder of The Dream Life Project and The Dream Life Co . Providing you with resources to empower you to create and live your dream life.

We are so lucky with so much free education on the internet, a plethora of books, videos, podcasts and workshops on wellness and self development. But sometimes, we need that face-to-face, one-on-one; a mentor or expert to help guide and coach us; to put things into practice; to have someone challenge us; to make time to focus on ourselves.  

So creating these experiential retreats has been a natural progression, pulling together all the aspects of my work (nutrition, photography, personal development) in conjunction with Angie’s expertise to bring you a truly unique and transformational retreat experience.

I am so excited about the opportunity to meet you at one of our retreats!



See you soon...

We are so thrilled to be partners in bringing you this amazing experience. We can’t wait to meet you and introduce you to some beautiful places in the world. 

“If you find yourself drawn to an event against all logic, GO. The universe is telling you something”

 Gloria Steinem